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The Aberdenn Angus Cattle Society

Breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle to meet the customer's needs

Varis Aberdeen Angus has been breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle for the past 20 years. Prior to that we bought in and finished around 1000 Aberdeen Angus crosses per year. This taught us the type of animal that that the butcher is looking for, that the finishers want to buy, and that makes money.

Quality Aberdeen Angus bulls for the commercial suckler herd

We see the commercial suckler herd as our primary market and set out to breed bulls to suit this purpose, and allow them to compete financially with the bigger breeds, producing Aberdeen Angus steers to finish at 350-400kgs with a 15-18 pence per kilo premium over the continental breeds.

Our bulls are not forced on with excessive feeding - so our customers are assured of a bull which will thrive and is ready to go straight in with the cows. Another benefit of this is that our bulls remain sound on their legs and can be used until they reach a very mature age.

Through our responsible feeding regime, we make every effort to produce an animal that converts food efficiently, resulting in a carcass that is profitable for the producer and suitable for the most discerning consumer.

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Good females - The backbone of the herd

Our females are very feminine and structurally correct with good udders. They all calve at 2 years old, having been quietly wintered as calves. In keeping with generations of good cattle husbandry in our family business, the cattle are used to regular handling and as a result, tend to have very good temperaments.

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Herd health is a priority

At Varis Aberdeen Angus, we have run a closed herd for the past ten years, with only the occasional stock bull being brought in, thus ensuring a clean, healthy bloodline which can give our customers the highest confidence in our cattle.

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Varis Panasonic K874 tops Stirling May trade at 5500gns

May 2012 saw Varis Panasonic K874 win Reserve Champion at the pre-sale show at Stirling. He topped the Angus trade when he was sold by the Campbell family of Thrunton to Oatridge College for 5500gns.

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